SAR Testing

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

SK Tech Provides Accurate SAR Testing Service

· What is SAR Testing?

Excessive exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy can damage human tissues. To prevent such occurrence, many countries around the world have introduced standards that limit the amount of RF exposure allowed from transmitters of all types.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a measure telling how much radio transmission energy is absorbed by the user’s or bystander’s body. SAR testing verifies that a device does not exceed defined RF exposure limits. RF exposure limits vary depending on the market.

RF exposure is evaluated using a “phantom” that simulates the electrical characteristics of the human head or body. The RF energy penetrating the “phantom” is monitored by precisely positioned probes that measure Specific Absorption Rate in watts per kilogram of tissue.

In Korea, portable wireless devices used within 20cm of the human body are required for SAR testing .

· SAR Testing Devices

5G NR mobile devices at 3.5GHzLTE mobile phonesIMT mobile devicesMCA mobile devices
Personal mobile devices2.4/5GHz wireless LAN devicesRFID/USN wireless devices using 900MHz band1.7/2.4GHz cordless phones

· SAR testing capabilities with DAYS 6

Our SAR team of highly experienced engineers use a variety of phantoms (simulated human tissue for testing) of various body parts such as head, torso, wrist, hand, etc., to make specific absorption rate (SAR) measurements on your device.

Combined with the necessary wireless supporting equipment to establish a communication link, we offer the ability of testing a full range of wireless device including 4G(LTE), 5G(NR) – sub-6 and mmW as well as many other technologies such as U-NII (2.4, 5 and 6 GHz), UWB, WPT and the like.

· SAR Standards


Normal Use(W/kg)

Whole body0.08

Occupational user (W/kg)

Whole body0.4