Telecom/RF Testing


SK Tech Provide Testing Services for All Devices Using Radio Communications (RF)

Including Telecom, 5G, LTE, WCDMA, WLAN, Bluetooth

· Telecom/Radio Frequency (RF) Testing

Telecom is a wire-based communication method with advantage of branching that ensures a stable and high-quality transmission line compared to wireless communication. The testing is required to verifry electrical safety and electromagnetic waves. Therefore, we, SK Tech, support with all related national/global testing technical standards for the the flourishment of your business.

Radio frequency (RF) testing is needed for radio and telecommunications equipment to verify that they are using effective radio spectrum by not interfering with those using frequency band as well.

A radio frequency test covers technology such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, PMR radio, RFID, NFC, cellular technologies and more. Other tests are also usually required to verify that tge device meets local regulations for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical safety and RF exposure.

Radio frequency compliance is a mandatory requirement in most international markets including Korea, the EU, the US, Canada and Japan. If you manufacture/import wireless devices or incorporate wireless devices into your product, you must comply with the regulations of your intended markets, otherwise your product cannot be legally sold. Radio frequency testing can also reveal problems at an early stage helping brands to avoid costly rework and to gain faster access to global market.

· Target Items

Telecom· Fixed Line · Facsimiles · Credit Card Readers · Modems · IP Phones · Set-top boxes · Routers · Etc.
*SK Tech Provides extensive testing services for various wired communication equipment including analog, digital, and wired LAN.
RF- 5G, Bluetooth, WLAN, Zigbee, RFID, NFC, Wireless Audios, ISM-Band and Short Range Devices
- RF Remote Controls, Radios, Certain Small-Output Wireless Devices,
Wireless Devices Using Weak Radio Waves, FRS/TRS/FM Transmitters
- Networking Devices: Keyboard, Headset, Computers, Notebook

Multi-Function Equipment, Wearables, Wireless Charger
- 1.6 GHz-Band Inmarsat System / VSAT(KA/KU band) Satellite Mobile Base Station
- GSM/ UMTS/LTE, WiMax, AIMDs, etc.
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· Testing Capabilities

RF Testing Capabilities
Transmitter tests
Output Power
Frequency Stability / Error
Modulation Bandwidth
Receiver tests
Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio
Power Spectral Density
Radiated Band Edge

Transmitter unwanted emissions in the out-of-

band or spurious Domain

Receiver Spurious Emissions
Spectrum Emission Mask
Occupied Channel Bandwidth
Duty Cycle
Adjacent Channel / Frequency Band Selectivity
Receiver Intermodulation

· Flow Chart and Requirements

 Documents Required
Application Form
Copy of Business Licence
User's Manual(KR)
Samples(EUT 3, Power 3)
Circuit Diagrams
Delegation Letter of Attorney
Parts ListModular Connector
Power Supply
UL Certificate for PCB/Plastic Parts
DC Power Adapter :
KC- Certified