Energy Efficiency (MEPS)


· Energy Consumption Efficiency 

Energy consumption efficiency grade labeling is a system that displays the efficiency grade label (1~5) according to the energy consumption efficiency (use) of the target product and prohibits production and sales of those below the minimum consumption efficiency standard.

MEPS:Minimum Energy Performance Standard

 ▪ It refers to a mandatory energy efficiency standard that bans the production and sale of low-efficiency products that fall short of a certain energy efficiency to save the original national energy, and a fine of up to 20 million won will be imposed for violations.

 ▪ The manufacturer and importer of the product subject to efficiency management are required to report it.

· Energy Efficiency Labelling and Standard

Korea Energy Agency(KEA) mandates energy efficiency rating labeling of the target products. The efficiency rating range is based on 5 increasing levels (1~5) from the less energy consuming product (level 1) to the highest one (level 5). The production and sales of products that do not meet the minimum energy performance standards is banned. 

MEPS is mandatory energy efficient standards system developed to promote energy conservation. The products that do not meet MEPS are banned from production and sales. Non-compliance of this system would result in penalties.

Therefore, manufacturers and importers of the target products are obliged to report the efficiency ratings of their products.

 Itmes Subject to MEPS
· Refrigerators · Kimchi Refrigerators · Air Conditioners · Washing Machines · Cold/Hot Water Dispenser · Rice Cookers · Vacuum Cleaners · Electric Fans · Air Purifiers · Incandescent Lamps · Florescent Lamp · Self-Ballasted lamps · Three-phase Induction Motors · Residential Gas Boilers · Adapters/Chargers · Electric Cooling/Heating Appliances · Commercial Refrigerators · Gas Water Heaters · Electric Transformers · Window Sets · Television Sets · Electric Fan Heaters · Electric Stove · Electric Multi-Heat Pump System · Dehumidifiers · Electric Ranges · Set-top Boxes · Converter Built-in LED Lamps · External Converter LED lamps · Freezers · Air Compressors · Signage Display · Clothes Dryers · Monitors (34 Items)

· MEPS Flow Chart

Documents Required 
Application Form
Product Samples
Product Specification

· Test Inquiry and Declaration

A domestic manufacturer(domestic product) and a domestic importer(imported product) must request a test, and a test report must be issued in the name of the applicant.

If multiple domestic importers import the same product from the same overseas manufacturer, multiple importers can request a test at the same time and each importer can receive a test report written as a applicant. (However, all importers must report their products individually to the Korea Energy Agency.)

If the product's efficiency performance does not meet the minimum consumption efficiency standard, the test report stipulates that the relevant information shall be specified.

These products are strictly prohibited by domestic production and sales by law, and violations may result in a fine of up to 20 million won(US $15,300) under the Energy Use Rationalization Act.

Manufacturers and importers of items subject to the energy consumption efficiency rating system must report their products within 90 days according to the results of the product test at the efficiency test institution, etc. in accordance with the announced technical standards and measurement methods.

※ Marking Method

※ The energy consumption efficiency rating should be indicated on the energy consumption efficiency rating label as above, CO₂ emissions for one hour of use, monthly or annual energy costs, and consumption efficiency rating.

※ Of the 33 items (excluding automobiles), 19 items excluding fans, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, stabilizer built-in lamps, three-phase induction motors, adapters and chargers, transformers, electric heaters, electric stoves, electric ranges, set-top boxes, refrigerators, air compressors, signage displays (14 items), and energy efficiency labels are applied separately.