· KOSHA Safety Certification(KCs)

The manufacturer or importer of industrial products subject to autonomous safety verification receives safety tests and inspections from designated test and inspection institutions for each model before forwarding or customs clearance, and reports them to safety certification institutions.

It is a system in which a person manufactures (including installing or changing major structural parts) or imports machines and equipment subject to autonomous safety checks and reports the performance of the product to the Minister of Employment and Labor.

· KCs

Test Item

▪ Electrical safety test: Earth continuity, insulation resistance, voltage resistance (approximate), voltage residual (approximate)

▪ EMC test: electrostatic, electrical rapid transient, surge, voltage fluctuation, radioactivity, conduction resistance

Items Subject to KCs
Grinders / Abraders
Industrial Robots
Crushing / Grinding Machine
Food Processing Machinery
Car Maintenance Lift
Machine Tool (Self, Drill, Flat Cutting, Type Cutting, etc.)
Printing Press
Barometric Pressure Control Room

· KCs Flow Chart

Documents Required
Product Manual

※ Marking Method

① 국가통합인증마크는 해당 제품의 표면에 알아보기 쉽도록 인쇄하거나 각인하는 등의 방법으로 표시하여야 합니다.
② 제품의 표면에 국가통합인증마크를 표시하는 것이 곤란하거나 실수요자가 다량으로 구입하여 직접 사용하는 제품으로서,

     시중에 유통될 우려가 없는 제품의 경우, 제품의 최소 포장마다 표시할 수 있습니다.