E-Standby Testing


· E-Standby Test

Computers, set-top boxes and other electronic appliances consume a significant amount of energy while awaiting instructions to provide full services. Standby power includes power consumption in off mode, no load mode, passive standby mode where the remote control is turned off, active standby mode during network communication and sleep mode during operation. 

The program encourages the adoption of energy saving modes while the appliances are idle and the minimization of standby power. An Energy Boy label is attached to those products that meet the standards for standby power. Standby warning label is attached to those products that do not meet the specified standby power standards. It is the core program to reduce standby power below 1W by 2010. In particular, all e-Standby Program target products should

①be subject to mandatory reporting of standby power

②and mandatory indication of standby warning label on appliances that fall below the standby power standards (a fine of below 5 thousand dollars in case of violation).

· Tartget Items

Items Subject to E-Standby Power
Items Subject to E-Standby Warning Marking
· DVD Players · Modems · Computers · Microwave Ovens · Door Phones ·

Wired/Wireless Phones · Bidets · Printers · Facsimiles · Copiers · Scanners ·

· Multi-Function Printers · Servers · Automatic Power Saving Control Device · Audio ·

Radio Cassettes · Home Gateway · Hand dryer · Digital Converter · Wired/Wireless Router

· Printers · Multi-Function Printers · Microwave Ovens · Facsimiles · Copiers ·
Scanners · Audio· DVD Players · Radio Cassettes·
Door Phones ·Wired/Wireless Phones · Bidets· Modems · Home Gateway

· Flow Chart and Requirements

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