CCC Mark
CCC Mark


CCC(China Compulsory Certification) means that certain product groups shall be cerfitified for CCC certification before the distribution in the Chinese market. It is a mandatory certification for the standardization of product quality and safety such as European CE system.

· Overview

CCC is compulsory certification system to ensure that all products manufactured and distributed in China and all products including components exported to China must be certified for its safety and quality in accordance with IEC (International Electric Standards Association) and Chinese national standards. CCC mark must be obtained before the sales and distribution in China.

As China joined the WTO, exsisting two certification systems (CCEE & CCIB) were combined to one harmonized system (CCC) on December 3, 2001 and it was applied in forced from August 1, 2003.

To obtain CCC marks, client must be following the below
- submitting an application, technical documents and test products to a Chinese certification body;
- testing in testing house in china;
- factory inspection; and - issuing certificate

Factories who wish to produce certified products can ensure the safety of the target products, and check whether the products that have been certified for safety are produced and maintained continuously at the manufacturing site. In order to do this, initial factory reviews and regular factory reviews will be conducted. For post-factory reviews, the review cycle occurs at least once a year.

If CCC certification has been obtained, the CCC label can be obtained by affixing the CCC certification mark or by printing and displaying the CCC logo on the product nameplate. There are five types of labels that are sold per package. If the nameplate is printed with the CCC logo, it can be used after approval.

· CCC Certification

Target Items(21 Product Categories)
Documents Required
Electrical Wires and CablesSwitches for Ciruits / Installation Protective and Connection DevicesLow-voltage Electrical AppartusSmall Power Motors

· Application Form

· A copy of the Business Liscence (Applicant, Manufacturer, and the Factory

· Copies of Other Certifications

· Relevant agreements or contracts signed between client/manufacturer/

· Critical Components List (CCL)

· Circuit Diagram

· Product Discription (if needed)

· Assembly View (if needed)

· User's Manual (in Chinese)

· Chinese Labelling

· Measuring Instrument, Production Lists, Factory Inspection Information      
  List (if needed for factory inspection)

Electric ToolsHousehold and Similar Use AppliancesAudio and Video AppartusITE
Lighting ApparatusTelecommunication Terminal EquipmentMotor Vehicle and Safety PartsMotor Vehicle Tyres
Safety GlassesAgricultural MachinesLatex ProductsMedical Devices
Fire Fighting ProductsSecurity and Protection ProductsDecoration ProductsToys
Wireless Local Area Network Products
Lead TimeAbout 90 Days
Time of Validity5 Years

· SRRC(State Radio Regulation Committee)


SRRC testing must be conducted in a Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CMIIT) accredited testing laboratory in China. SRRC testing is an important part of SRRC registration. For the test, the devices are connected to a test station.

The objective of the SRRC test is to determine the core parameters of the telecommunication products such as frequency, frequency band, transmission power, frequency tolerance, occupied bandwidth (or spectral characteristic of the signal) and parameters of the frequency spectrum such as out-of-band emissions (OoB) and spurious emissions (SPU). It is important to note that the parameters resulting from the test must match the parameters specified in the application documents. Otherwise, the application may have to be resubmitted.

The processing time of the authority and the test laboratory is approximately 6-8 weeks from the submission of the application documents.

SRRC Procedures

· China Energy Label


The China Energy Label (CEL,Chinese: 中国能效标识) is an energy consumption label for products in China, similar to the EU energy labelling system. Manufacturers of specified electronic devices are obligated to attach a CEL label to their goods to inform China-based consumers of the product's energy efficiency. The label includes the product's energy efficiency class (1–5) as well as information regarding its energy consumption 

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