IC Mark
IC Mark

· IC

IC certification is the abbreviation of Industry of Canada. It is responsible for sfatey and certification of electrical/electronic poroducts.

· Overview

Electrical/electronic devices are reuqired for either FCC or IC approval in order to be sold in North America. They have close similarities with each other. FCC and IC certification are required for all electronic equipment sold in the U.S. and Canada.  

IC is the standards and and administrative procedures for Canadian telecommunication regulatory system as well as electromagnetic compatibility problems.

Telecommunication equipment including Radio Devices, PCs and general electric/electronics are required for IC certification.

There are two types of classification of radio devices ; Category I and Category II

· For telecommunication equipment and category I devcies shall be certified by Industy Canada (IC)

· Sales are possible without applying for separate certification if category II telecommunication devices comply with techchnical standards

· For products with FCC certification could easily obtain the IC certification, however, should be qulified by the
  regulations set by the Industy Canada

· IC Certification

Applied Standards
Target Items
· Telecommunication Act
· Radiocommunication Act

Telecommunication Devices/PCs.Peripherals/Electric,Electronic Devices
Category I (Type Approval)

· Mobile Telecommunication Devices(on ground, on air, maritime) 

· Mobile Phones

· Wirelss Computer Links 

· Low Emission Devices

· Fixed Telecommunucation Devices Using Under 960MHz Frequency Ranges 

· 800MHz Dual-Mode CDMA Cell Phones and etc.

Category II

· Industrial, Scientific and Medical Radio Frequency Generators 

· Telecommunication Devices that transmmits RF frequency over 10KHz such as tInformation Storage Devices, Keyboards, Printers, Moniters

Communication Terminal Equipment(Type Approval)
· Telephones, Facimiles, Modems, Keyphones, PBXs, Ansering Machines, etc.
· Following the Prcedure of DC-01
· Industrial, Scientific, Medical Devices that transmmits RF signals shall be tested upon ICES-001
   CAN/CSA C108.6-M91, CISPR 11 standards
· All telecommuniucation devices that transmmits frequency over 10KHz shall be tested upon

  ICES-003(CAN/CSA C108.8-M91, CISPR 22-96 standards
· All Radio Telecommunication Devices shall be tested upon RSS Standards
· If Radio Telecommunication Devices are not applicable for EMC Standards in RSS, testing shall   be followed by ICES-003 standard

· If the device conforms the EMI testing standards, Self-Declaration could be allowed
· EMS is a voluntary requirment
Exempted Items
· Telecommunication Devices for Displays
· Amateur Radio/Ham Radio Devices

 IC Procedures
Documents Required· The conecpt of cunctioning, block diagram, drwaings, and transmitter spec sheets are required documents for the submission
· The product product summary shall contatin the information of how the item/components operate
· Block Diagrams
· Latest modification of a schematic
· Relevant transmitter data sheets

· etc.


· CSA(Canadian Standards Association) Certification


The CSA (Canadian Standards Association) is a non-profit organization that conducts testing and certification services for eletrical appliances, components, machinery, oil/gas cumbustion appliances and etc.

If the above products are sold without CSA certification or without the test approval of the state inspection authority, exhibition, propaganda, sales, use of the products are prohibited by law, and imported items could be forcibly withdrawn from the country.

In order to obtain CSA certification, it must be tested at a CSA-designated laboratory or a CSA-recognized partner, and if necessary, it can be tested at a facility designated by the manufacturer, however must be conducted in the presence of a CSA representative.

In addition to the product test, the applicant's manufacturing plant must undergo a factory inspection by CSA or CSA partner before obtaining the certification, and if both test results and factory audit results are suitable, a certificate shall be issued.

Target ItmesCertification Procedures
 Documents Required
ITE, Construction Related Products, Electric/Electronic Products/ Energy / Environmental / Gas Related Products / Biochemistry Related ProductsSubmission of Pre-Application Form(Applicant) → Submission of the Main Application Form to CSA → Testing → Assessment for Reports(CSA) → Reporting of the Result → Agreement(Applicant) → Factory Audit → CSA Labelling(Applicant)
· Catalog of the Product
· Structure Map
· Circuit Diagrams

· Photographs of the product
· Parts Lists
· CSA Certified Components Lists